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Dáil Éireann debate -
Tuesday, 31 Jul 1928

Vol. 25 No. 8


Message from the Seanad:—
The Seanad agrees to the amendments made by the Dáil to Amendment No. 1 made by the Seanad to the Dentists Bill, 1927.
The Seanad does not insist on Amendments Nos. 3 and 5.
The Seanad does not insist on Amendment No. 4 (deletion of the Third Schedule) but has made the following amendments to the Third Schedule:—
1. The words: "Hill, Robin, 42, MacCurtain Street, Cork" inserted in the appropriate place.
2. The words: "Short, Roland, 59, Waterloo Road, Dublin," inserted in the appropriate place.
3. The words: "Reid, John, 144, North Strand Road, Dublin," deleted.

The Seanad has agreed with what the Dáil has done to their amendments as set down with the exception that they make three changes in the Third Schedule, adding two names. Both of the individuals concerned would have fitted in under the general conditions, but to make assurance doubly sure the Seanad insisted on putting their names definitely on the Third Schedule. I move that we agree with the Seanad. The third amendment is to delete a name from the Third Schedule. That is a necessary amendment, because through the re-instatement of the Third Schedule this name appeared on both the Third and Fourth Schedules.

I would like to get two matters made clear. The names that do not appear on the Third Schedule—people who applied for inclusion and were not included— are not now precluded from going before the Dental Board for examination in accordance with the amendment put in when the Bill was passed through the House? That is one thing I would like to be assured of. The second is that those men who did apply to the Parliamentary Committee and who submitted affidavits and other papers—would they have an opportunity of getting them back in order to enable them to apply to the Dental Board?

Any person who applied to the Committee set up by this House or by the Seanad, and who was refused entry on the Third or Fourth Schedules, if he believes that he fits in under the general conditions, is obviously free to apply, but he has to prove that he does fit in under the conditions to the satisfaction of the Dental Board. Affidavits and all documents forwarded to my office will be returned at once so that the individuals will have an opportunity of submitting them to the Dental Board.

Is it not necessary to add some words to amendment No. 3? If the name is deleted it will not be on the Fourth Schedule. It was on an amendment that has been passed, but as the Bill stands at present it would mean that the individual mentioned there would not be on any of the Schedules.

That must be wrong. That must be an early print of the Bill, because the name of John Reid was, by amendment, transferred from the Third to the Fourth Schedule. Then the Third Schedule disappeared in the Seanad. It was reinstated by the Dáil with the name of John Reid in it. The position was then that it was on both the Third and Fourth Schedules. It is quite clear that the name is one the Fourth Schedule.

The name is on the Fourth Schedule by virtue of an amendment made in the Seanad.

And accepted here.

Yes. It will be in the Act.

Question: "That the Dáil agree with the Seanad in the amendments made to the Third Schedule," put and agreed to.