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Dáil Éireann debate -
Friday, 28 Jun 1929

Vol. 30 No. 16

In Committee on Finance. - Deputy's Complaint.

Before we proceed with the next business I wish to protest against the action of certain Deputies in this House who are constantly trying to bring ridicule on the language of the country. The attempts of Deputies like Deputy Seán T. O'Kelly who, although having only an acquired knowledge of the language, have the courage to try to use it in the House—the courage of the patriotism to try to use it—are to be commended. I protest against such action on the part of Deputies who represent the people. Is mór an náire doibh agus taisbeanann sé ná bhfhuil meas aca ar a dteangann nó ar a dtír.

All I have to say on that matter is that the Chair, so far as it is possible for the Chair to do it, will certainly not countenance the throwing of ridicule on the national language. That will not be permitted in so far as the Chair can prevent it.

Domhnall Ua Buachalla

Níor deineadh san indiu.