Treaty of Commerce and Navigation with Germany. - Tourist Traffic (Development) Bill, 1931—Fourth and Fifth Stages.

With regard to the amendments which are on the Order Paper, Standing Order 95 sets out:—

On the Fourth Stage, no new section or other amendment may be proposed which creates a charge upon rates or local burthens upon the people, or imposes pecuniary penalties, but the Bill may be recommitted in respect of any such section or amendment.

The intention of the Standing Order is to provide that any motion which may involve a charge upon local rates or public funds should not be taken on the Fourth Stage, or, if moved on the Fourth Stage, should be taken in Committee. Has the Minister any objection to that course?

Certainly not.

Bill accordingly recommitted.

On behalf of Deputy Egan I move amendment 1:—

In page 3, Section (3) (b), line 40, to delete the word "twopence" and substitute the word "threepence."

That would enable the local authorities to increase their contribution from twopence to threepence if they so wish for the purpose of tourist development.

Amendment agreed to.

On behalf of Deputy Egan I beg to move amendment 2:—

In page 4, Section 4 (3) (b), line 40, to delete the word "twopence" and substitute the word "threepence."

Amendment agreed to.
Bill reported with amendments, received for final consideration, and passed.