Agricultural Produce (Fresh Meat) Bill, 1931—First Stage.

I move:

That leave be granted to introduce a Bill entitled an Act to amend Section 10 of the Agricultural Produce (Fresh Meat) Act, 1930

Leave granted.

Mr. Hogan

This is an extremely simple Bill the purpose of which is to extend the period from twelve months to eighteen months. If the Bill is circulated in time I would ask that the Second Reading be taken to-morrow.

Why did not the Minister circulate it earlier if it is so simple?

Mr. Hogan

We do not circulate Bills before the First Reading.

We are prepared to agree to the Second Reading to-morrow on condition that after we see the Bill we may be allowed to object to the Second Reading Stage being taken to-morrow if we feel that there is any special reason for doing so.

Second Stage ordered for Friday, November 27th.