Agricultural Produce (Fresh Meat) Bill, 1931—Second Stage.

I move the Second Reading of the Bill. Section 2 enables a person to make application for the provisional registration of premises for a period of 18 rather than 12 months. As the Agricultural Produce (Fresh Meat) Act stood the provision for restrictions had to be made in 12 months. This extends the period to 18 months. Sub-section (b) enables the premises to be provisionally registered within the period.

There is no great opportunity for our going into this Bill. One is sometimes tempted to review the effects of the Principal Act when an amending Bill comes up, but as the Principal Act has not been long enough in force to give us an opportunity of judging anything from it, I do not think we are in a position to say very much. There is one small matter— small for the Dáil, but important for the place it affects. Under this amending Bill provision will be made to lengthen the period. I would like to ask the Minister if he could tell me whether that would apply to places that have been actually closed. I give as an instance a small meat factory that was in Dunlavin. It was closed because it was structurally wrong according to the Department's inspector and as a consequence it was transferred to Holyhead, and of course the labour that was being given by that small factory is now being given in Holyhead. I would like to know if the Minister remembers that case, and if he can tell the House if this Bill will have the effect of bringing the factory back to Dunlavin. There was a similar case in Kilcullen where a small factory was closed. Will this Bill deal with these small factories? They may appear unimportant to Deputies, but in small towns like Dunlavin and Kilcullen, the fact that employment is given even to a dozen men is very important.

Mr. Hogan

The answer to that is yes. The applicant may apply for provisional registration within eighteen months from the passing of the Act. That is from September last.

From the passing of this Bill?

Mr. Hogan

Eighteen months from the passing of the original Act. There is until the 1st March to apply for provisional registration of the premises.

They will get twelve months from that time.

Mr. Hogan

Yes, if it is granted at all. Of course there is the same discretion to refuse.

Question put and agreed to.
Committee Stage ordered for Thursday, December 3rd.