Agricultural Produce (Fresh Meat) Bill, 1931—Committee Stage.

Section 10 of the Principal Act is hereby amended in the following respects and shall be construed and have effect accordingly, that is to say—
(a) by the insertion in sub-section (1) of the said section of the word "eighteen" in lieu of the word "twelve" where the same first occurs in the said sub-section, and
(b) by the deletion in sub-section (4) of the said section of the words "and shall not again be provisionally registered under this section in such register," now contained therein.

On behalf of Deputy Flinn, I move:

In paragraph (a), line 24, to delete the words "where the same first occurs" and substitute the words "wherever the same occurs."

From what I understand, Deputy Flinn's idea in putting down this amendment was that when private premises were granted provisional registration, they might require eighteen months perhaps to get the necessary alterations through. Naturally premises like that that would be coming back to business again, as some of them will be, will have a fair amount of capital expenditure to meet, and it would be only fair to give them six or eight months to get on their feet before you would expect them to put through these structural alterations. I do not think Deputy Flinn was anxious to press this amendment, but I would like the Minister would agree to it.

Amendment agreed to.
Section 2, as amended, agreed to.
Section 3 and the Title agreed to.
Bill ordered to be reported.
The Dáil went out of Committee.
Bill reported with amendment.