In Committee on Finance. - Finance (Customs Duties) Bill, 1932—First Stage.

I move for leave to introduce a Bill, "entitled an Act to charge and impose a customs duty and to make further provisions in connection with Finance."

This Bill arises out of and is consequential on the Resolution that has just been agreed to. It relates to the tariff on bacon imposed by an order of the late Executive Council on 30th December, 1931. The tariff has been, so far——

Is this being opposed?

If the Deputy does not wish to have any explanation of the Bill, well and good, I will take that.

Is it usual to give an explanation on a first reading?

Possibly it is unusual, but I wished to explain, if the Deputy had permitted me, that I intended asking to have the Second Stage of the Bill taken to-day. I may say this: that their insolence in opposition is what it was when they were in power.

Simply a white elephant. Would it not be possible to have the explanation made when the Minister is asking for the Second Reading of the Bill to-day?

I am going to ask for it to-day.

Does the Minister want the Second Reading now?

I desire to have the Second Reading taken to-day.

I suggest that the Second Reading be taken later.

Leave to introduce granted.

The Bill will be circulated this afternoon, and I propose that the Second Reading be taken about 7 o'clock this evening. It is essential that the Second Reading be taken to-day, because this Bill, confirming the Order, must become law by 30th April.

Is there agreement to have the Second Reading to-day?

We will have to see the Bill first.

Ordered: "That the Second Reading be taken later in the afternoon."