Deputy's Withdrawal.

This evening, sir, I made a statement in my speech which unfortunately caused disorder in the House. I said that when I was a prisoner after 1916 I read in the papers that the Irish Party had applauded the announcement in the House of Commons of Irish executions. I desire to withdraw any implication that that allegation against the Irish Party was true. I have been informed and believe that there was never any foundation for the statement. I am informed by Deputy Cosgrave that the late Mr. John Dillon in fact protested vehemently in the House of Commons against these executions. I regret that I should have introduced the matter at all into the debate this evening and I desire to apologise to the offended Deputies and to the Chair.

There can be no further discussion.

I do not wish to discuss the matter except to say that I accept the explanation most cordially.

The Dáil adjourned at 10.35 p.m. until Friday, April 29th, at 10.30 a.m.