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Dáil Éireann debate -
Tuesday, 30 May 1933

Vol. 47 No. 16

Business of the Dáil.

The next business is the Public Hospitals Bill— Committee Stage.

The Vice-President when he comes in, will probably ask that Item 5 on the Order Paper be taken.

The other arrangement was made.

I was told that the Hospitals Bill would not be taken to-day or to-morrow, and when I came in here this afternoon I was told by the Government Whip that these resolutions were nearly finished and that we would be going on with the Hospitals Bill. I do not like to be kicked about from post to pillar, and I should like the Hospitals Bill to be taken now, if possible.

The Vice-President announced the Order of Business to-day after Questions. I take it that the business will be taken in the order set forth by the Vice-President.

I did not gather from Deputy Sir James Craig whether or not he objected to No. 5 being proceeded with now.

I want the Hospitals Bill taken now.

That is what we were told to-day would be taken.

The Order of Business was announced as 4, 5, 6, 10, 12, 9.

Move the adjournment of the House.

No. Let us make a start on the Hospitals Bill.

I do not want to be unreasonable or to impede the business in any way, but I have other things coming on which make it very difficult for me to be here.

What objection has the Minister to proceeding with the Hospitals Bill?

If the Order of Business which has been mentioned was announced to-day, it was announced in error. The intention was to take No. 7 after the Budget Resolutions.

It is very strange that the Government Whip did not know that, that in fact he made a contrary statement, and that when the Order of Business was announced after Question time, it was to be as stated by the Ceann Comhairle.

Has the Minister not just agreed to go on with the Hospitals Bill?

In the absence of the Parliamentary Secretary, would it be in order for me to move to have the previous order of business discharged?

The Minister for Local Government and Public Health is in the House now and it is his Bill.

I am sorry I have not the necessary papers here. The Parliamentary Secretary is getting them into order. We did not anticipate that the Opposition would have been so very kind as to allow us to get through the Financial Resolutions so quickly. Having been so gracious, it took us more or less by surprise. If the House is agreeable, it could go on with the next business on the Order Paper in the meantime.

The difficulty is that there are other Deputies who do not intend speaking on the Hospitals Bill, which they assume would be taken, and they are not ready to discuss the other business now.