Order of Business.

We propose to take the items on the Order Paper as follows: 2, 3, 4, 5 and 8. If it were possible to get through that portion of the business by agreement, so as not to have to meet to-morrow, it might be possible to take the additional Estimate and the First Reading of three Bills before the Adjournment. It is altogether a question of agreement. The Government are quite prepared to meet to-morrow, if necessary, but if we could get through the work I have mentioned early we might be able to take the Adjournment to-night rather than have to meet again to-morrow.

I understood there were to be four hours for the debate on the Adjournment. Is the President suggesting that these four hours can be given to-day?

Yes. It is a question of how long the Land Bill will take. The other items will not take long.

I take it that these two additional measures, of which notice is given, are not upon the Order Paper. If so, I object to their being taken to-day.

May I point out that notice of the intention to introduce these two Bills was given in due course in the Ceann Comhairle's office? The fact that they are not on the Order Paper is due to the holidays and printing arrangements.

The Government has no objection to meet to-morrow if there is not agreement on these matters.

I think the attention of the House should be directed to the title of the Bills the introduction of which Deputy McGilligan is opposing. One is a Bill "to provide for the relief of unemployed persons and to make such financial and other provisions as may be required for that purpose." The other is a Bill "to amend the Unemployment Insurance Acts, 1920 to 1930, with respect to the amount of the contributions payable under these Acts and to make all necessary and consequential amendments of the said Acts." These Bills, which Deputy McGilligan is now opposing, were promised by the Minister for Industry and Commerce some months ago.

Have not the Government delayed for 14 months in introducing these Bills?

Is there any point in suggesting that we should meet to-morrow to have these Bills taken in view of the fact that the Government does not intend to proceed with them for months?

Are they ready for circulation?

Not at all.