Late Sitting.

Perhaps it would be convenient for me to move now that the Dáil sit later than 11 p.m. this evening and that the motion for the adjournment be taken not later than 2 a.m. to-morrow, or after the completion of public business, but in any case not later than two o'clock.

What business is to be taken then?

The business as announced to-day. The completion of the Land Bill, the Estimates and the other business announced.

What is meant by "the completion of the Land Bill?"

The Report and Fifth Stages.

Not the Fifth Stage immediately after the Report Stage, I hope?

The Fifth Stage of the Land Bill is not on the Order Paper for to-day, and it can only be taken by agreement to-night.

But agreement has been reached, I understand?

Certainly, but not as to the order that has been announced.

Why not take it after the Fourth Stage and be finished with it?

We understood that once all public business was completed the adjournment debate was to start. That is what I am proposing, the motion for the adjournment to be taken not later than two o'clock.