Rates on Agricultural Land (Relief) Bill, 1933—Money Resolution. - Land Bill, 1933—Message from the Seanad.

The following Message has been received from the Seanad:—

"Seanad Eireann does not insist on amendments 1, 3, 4, 12, 13, 15, 16, 17 and 20 to 23 inclusive made by it to the Land Bill, 1933, with which Dáil Eireann has disagreed: it does not insist on amendment 25 with which Dáil Eireann has also disagreed but, in lieu of that amendment, has made the following amendment to the Bill, to which the agreement of Dáil Eireann is desired.

Section 34. The section deleted and the following new section substituted therefor:—

34. Where lands have been vested in a purchaser under any Land Purchase Act prior to the Land Act, 1923, and the sporting rights (other than fishing rights) on or over such lands were not so vested, the Land Commission may, if of the opinion that it would be for the benefit of the country that such rights should be acquired and that they should be vested in the proprietors of the lands on or over which they are exercised, as an appurtenance to such lands, and if such proprietors are willing to purchase such rights, make an order declaring the appointed day in respect of all such rights and vesting the same in the Land Commission at a price, payable in land bonds, to be fixed (in default of agreement) by the lay commissioners subject to a right to the appeal tribunal."

Will the Minister say when it is proposed to take this Message?


Is the Minister suggesting that this Message from the Seanad should be taken to-morrow?

Would it suit the convenience of the Government if it were postponed until next Wednesday?

Not if the Dáil is not sitting next week.

I would suggest to the Minister, if the Dáil is meeting next week, that it should be postponed until Wednesday, or alternatively to the last day on which the Dáil will meet this week.

I suggest that the amendment be taken on the last day that the Dáil meets, prior to any adjournment other than the ordinary adjournment.

Put down provisionally for to-morrow.