Land Bill, 1933. - Message from the Seanad.

The following Message from the Seanad was received:—
"Ní sheasuíonn Seanad Eireann ar leasuithe 1, 3, 4, 12, 13, 15, 16, 17 agus 20 go 23 go huile do rinne sé ar an mBille Talmhan, 1933, agus dar dhiúltaigh Dáil Eireann; ní sheasuíonn sé ar leasú 25 dar dhiúltaigh Dáil Eireann freisin ach, in ionad an leasuithe sin, tá sé tar éis an leasuithe seo leanas do dhéanamh ar an mBille, le n-ar mian leis aontú Dháil Eireann d'fháil.
Seanad Eireann does not insist on amendments 1, 3, 4, 12, 13, 15, 16, 17 and 20 to 23 inclusive made by it to the Land Bill, 1933, with which Dáil Eireann has disagreed; it does not insist on amendment 25, with which Dáil Eireann has also disagreed but, in lieu of that amendment, has made the following amendment to the Bill, to which the agreement of Dáil Eireann is desired.
Section 34. The section deleted and the following new section substituted therefor:—
34. Where lands have been vested in a purchaser under any Land Purchase Act prior to the Land Act, 1923, and the sporting rights (other than fishing rights) on or over such lands were not so vested, the Land Commission may, if of the opinion that it would be for the benefit of the country that such rights should be acquired and that they should be vested in the proprietors of the lands on or over which they are exercised, as an appurtenance to such lands, and if such proprietors are willing to purchase such rights, make an order declaring the appointed day in respect of all such rights and vesting the same in the Land Commission at a price, payable in land bonds, to be fixed (in default of agreement) by the lay commissioners subject to a right of appeal to the appeal tribunal."

I move: That the Dáil agree with the amendment inserted in the Seanad. The effect of this amendment is to give the Government the powers it sought in the Bill over shooting rights and to delete from the Bill, as it originally stood, the powers which it asks over fishing rights. Fishing rights are now definitely excluded. The Bill will give the Land Commission the same right over sporting rights that were left under the 1923 Act—the same powers as they have over shooting rights of the lands that were vested since 1923.

I understand it is the intention to set up a commission of inquiry with regard to fishing matters. I would be very pleased to hear if that is so because it has raised a very important question as to the unified control of the rivers of Ireland. How soon does the Minister propose to set up such a commission?

A final announcement will be made in a short time. It is proposed to set up a commission to go into the whole question of the inland fisheries and the Government hope to make an announcement as to thepersonnel of the commission in a very short time.

Question put and agreed to.