Ceisteanna.—Questions. Oral Answers. - Statement Concerning a Deputy.

Mr. Lynch (for Mr. McGilligan)

put the following questions:—

To ask the President if the Executive Council were made aware of the information, on which were based the false charges made against Deputy Mulcahy in the Dáil on 28th September last, and of the use which the President proposed to make of it; on what date the Executive Council were so advised; or if this matter was not discussed with the Executive Council, why was it withheld from them.

To ask the President if the information received by him regarding the alleged meeting between Deputy Mulcahy and the British War Minister was communicated to the Attorney-General to secure his opinion in all the reported circumstances upon the credibility of the informant, the value of his information, and the advisability of making any ordinary or privileged use of the report; if so, did the Attorney-General recommend for or against its use with or without condition as to investigation, corroboration, or the personal attendance of the informant for examination on the matters alleged; if not, why was the information withheld from the Attorney-General.

To ask the President if he sought from the Commissioner of the Gárda Síochána any information as to the character and antecedents of the person who supplied the President with the falsehood about the Glasgow meeting between Deputy Mulcahy and the British War Minister; and, if so, what was the result.

I propose to take Questions Nos. 2, 3 and 4 together. As I have already informed the Deputy in reply to previous questions, I do not intend to add anything to the statement which I made to the Dáil on the 4th October.

Mr. Lynch

Does the President not think that the precautions outlined in these three questions would be such as any reasonable person would take before publishing a falsehood?