Order of Business.

Is it proposed to give Government time for item 19 on the Order Paper in connection with the market for surplus stall-fed cattle, notice of which was given last week?

Can it be stated what the reason is for not giving an opportunity of discussion on that motion?

Because the terms of the motion themselves are ridiculous. The whole matter is engaging the attention of the Minister, and there is no point whatever at this stage in raising that question.

How long will the matter continue to engage the attention of the Minister? When is it expected that he will be able to give a reply on this matter?

In a fortnight or three weeks' time.

Will the discussion of the motion be undertaken then in Government time?

We will decide then.

Decide what?

Whether it is advisable or not to give time.

Not whether time is available?

No, but whether it is advisable in view of Government business.

Evidently the Minister is afraid of this motion.

Will the President say what the feeders will do with the 58 per cent. surplus fat cattle in the meantime? Will the Minister face up to that now?

In the case of the bacon quota we had a lot of remarks of this sort and they proved unfounded.

The Minister admits that 58 per cent. of the stall-fed cattle will be surplus. Will he face up to that now?

Dr. Ryan

Which Minister?

You admitted it yourself. The figures you gave were 42 per cent., and that left 58 per cent. surplus.

Dr. Ryan

I did not give these figures.