Children Bill, 1934—First Stage.

Leave granted to introduce a Bill entitled an Act to amend the law relating to the protection of infant life and for that purpose to amend Part I of the Children Act, 1908 (Minister for Local Government and Public Health).

When will the Bill be circulated?

This evening.

Is that certain? Last week we were told that the Control of Imports Bill, 1934, would be circulated on Saturday, and it came out on Tuesday. The Minister for Industry and Commerce, when the Bill was introduced, said it would be circulated on Saturday. When are we to have this Bill?

I said this evening.

I do not mind what the Minister says. It is what he does.

A Deputy

Why ask then?

I want to get it on the records.

The impertinence of the Deputy is a long time on record.

Behave yourself, sir.

I object to your impertinence.

There is one thing certain; I will make the Minister behave himself.

You should try that yourself.

It should be tried on both sides of the House.