Supplementary and Additional Estimates.

Leave given to introduce the following Supplementary and Additional Estimates for the services of the year ending on the 31st day of March, 1934, namely:—
Votes Nos. 3 (Department of President of the Executive Council), 28 (Universities and Colleges), 55 (Land Commission), 69 (Relief Schemes), 77 (Repayments to the Contingency Fund). —(Minister for Finance).

When will the Estimates be circulated?

This week.

On what day are they to be circulated?

I hope to have them circulated to-morrow.

If the Minister cannot go beyond a hope will he say what are the amounts in each case?

Yes. No. 3 is £10; No. 28, Universities and Colleges, £2,338; No. 55, Land Commission, £57,000; No. 69, Relief Schemes, £50,000; and No. 77, Repayments to Contingency Fund, £4,205.