Ceistenna-Questions. Oral Answers. - Shooting Outrage at Drogheda.

asked the Minister for Justice if he will state, with regard to the shooting outrage at the home of Superintendent Casserly at Drogheda on July 16th, 1933, regarding which inquiries were stated recently to be still proceeding, (a) how many members of the Gárda Force have been in all occupied with these inquiries; (b) how many people have been interviewed or interrogated in this connection; (c) if any statements have been taken bearing upon the matter and, if so, how many; (d) if the Gárda have any clue upon which they are still working or any theory as to the reason for this outrage, the weapons used, the number of persons involved and their means of transport to and from the scene and (e) if it is expected that the men engaged on these inquiries will soon be released for other work.

I do not think that any useful purpose would be served by my making a statement on the points raised in this question.

I have asked on many occasions as to what investigations are proceeding and I am told that they are still proceeding. I have asked the Minister to give some indication of the number of people employed on the investigations. The Minister is not prepared to give that information?

Has the Minister said that investigations are still proceeding? I understood him to say that no useful purpose would be served by his making a statement.

He said up to the time of the last question that they were still proceeding. Would the Minister not answer faithfully that there is no investigation proceeding-nothing beyond routine?

Is it not a fact that the Minister is investigating how he may more easily cover over the information they have in regard to that attack?

That obviously is not a relevant supplementary.