Question on the Adjournment.

Deputy McGilligan has given notice of his intention to raise, on the adjournment, matters arising out of Question 6, which question, he admitted, involved important aspects of Government policy. Debate on the adjournment is designed for the further elucidation of facts and not for discussion of policy. Matters raised on that motion should deal with particular grievances or matters of administration. Questions of Government policy, however, should be raised by way of substantive motion. I am, therefore, not accepting Question No. 6 for debate on the adjournment.

I can raise grievances with regard to Question No. 6 and not matters of policy.

The Deputy asserted that the question involved important matters of Government policy, which he wished to raise on the adjournment.

But also on facts.

The Chair is not accepting Question No. 6 for the adjournment.

Very good, sir. I want to raise Question No. 14 on the adjournment.