Ceistenna-Questions. Oral Answers. - Gaelicisation of the Civil Service.

asked the Minister for Finance if he will state if on the 5th December last he addressed a memorandum to the Civil Service Representative Council stating that it was of the utmost importance that the Gaelicisation of the Civil Service should be speeded up to the greatest possible extent consistent with efficiency and invited the views of the Representative Council on the matter; if he will state what is intended by the words "Gaelicisation of the Civil Service"; and if he has received a statement of the views of the Representative Council, and if so, whether he will cause a copy of the statement to be placed in the Library for the information of Deputies.

The reply to the first part of the question is in the affirmative. The expression "Gaelicisation of the Civil Service" in the context in which it occurs in the memorandum has reference to the policy of the Government that the Irish language should be used to the fullest possible extent in the discharge of work of Government Departments. A statement of the views of the Civil Service Representative Council in the matter has been received, and I will arrange to supply a copy to the Deputy, and to any other Deputy who may wish to see the statement.

Is the Minister assuming a special responsibility to see that the Irish language is more used in the various Departments of the State?

I am merely discharging what I think is the proper function of the Minister for Finance who has charge of the regulations of the Civil Service.

Does the Minister propose in connection with the discharge of these functions to review what is being done in the different Departments with regard to the use of Irish and to make suggestions as to the way in which more should be done in that direction?

Naturally, in consultation with the Ministers of the Departments concerned.

Has the Minister had any special consultations with any Department with regard to carrying on through the medium of Irish all correspondence between these Departments and people in Irish-speaking districts?

I am afraid that is a separate question.