Business of the Dáil.

Business will be taken as indicated in the Orders of the Day, from Item No. 3. To-morrow I shall propose that the Dáil do not meet until 6 o'clock on Thursday evening.

Will the President say why the Estimate for the Office of the Minister for Justice has been removed from the position of a resumed debate and placed as the eighth or ninth item of the Estimates for Public Services?

It is doubtful whether we could get to it to-night and the Minister for Justice may be away to-morrow.

But is it the intention then to take it as the first item when the consideration of the Estimates is resumed?

No — this Estimate here, No. 57 (Industry and Commerce).

Is the President prepared to indicate when the debate on the Estimate for the Department of Justice will be resumed?

I cannot say. I expect it will be taken in the regular way.

Is it regular or customary to adopt this procedure?

If a Minister, for any reason, expects to be away it is usual to postpone a particular Estimate.

I quite agree. I have no doubt it will be the desire of the House to convenience a responsible Minister in any way, and the House will be glad to interpolate another Estimate while the Minister is otherwise engaged; but are we to understand from the President that even if the Minister for Justice is present the adjourned debate on his Estimate will be postponed in favour of a new Estimate, or are we to understand that on the first occasion, when it is convenient for the Minister for Justice to attend in the House, the debate on his Estimate will be resumed?

I cannot say. The Order of Business for to-day is as I have already indicated.

In view of the importance of the Estimate, I wonder will the President convenience the House by allowing a particular time on Thursday for the consideration of the Estimate for the Office of the Minister for Justice?

We will let Deputies know to-morrow or on Thursday.

Can the President say on what day next week it is proposed to introduce the Budget?


Can the President say when facilities are going to be given for taking the Slaughter of Animals Bill?

I cannot say at the moment.