Ceisteanna—Questions. Oral Answers. - Land Purchase Annuities.

asked the Minister for Finance if he will state (a) what amount was collectable for the year ended 31st March, 1934, in respect of land purchase annuities, etc., under the Land Act, 1933; (b) how much of that sum was collected and how it has been disposed of.

(a) The total amount of the purchase-annuities, as revised by the Land Act, 1933, collectable under all the Land Purchase Acts for the year ended the 31st March, 1934, was £1,220,970.

(b) Of that sum, £856,688 was collected up to the 31st March, 1934, and was paid into the appropriate funds — the Purchase Annuities Fund, the Land Bond Fund, or the Exchequer Account, as the case may be.

It is not possible, at this stage, to furnish any particulars relating to that period in regard to annual sums other than purchase-annuities; but the amount involved is comparatively small and the total amount of the collection was probably less than £50,000.