Agriculture (Amendment) Bill, 1934—Report.

I move amendment No. 1:—

Section 3. To delete sub-section (1) and substitute the following sub-section:—

(1) Notwithstanding anything contained in Section 33 of the Principal Act, no advantage offered for the purposes of agriculture and other rural industries by a committee of agriculture in pursuance of an agriculture scheme administered by such committee shall be given in respect of any land situate outside the functional area of such committee or in respect of any horses, cattle or other live stock, or poultry or bees kept outside such functional area, unless under and in accordance with the express provisions of such scheme.

Deputies will remember that this amendment was proposed on the Committee Stage of the Bill and that Deputy Belton asked me to postpone it until the Report Stage, as the County Committee of Agriculture for the County Dublin and the Vocational Education Committee for the City of Dublin had been engaged in negotiations with regard to instruction in agriculture and horticulture within the city boundary. Subsequent to that I met Deputy Belton, who is Chairman of the County Committee of Agriculture for the County Dublin, and Deputy Cormac Breathnach, Chairman of the Vocational Education Committee for the City of Dublin. Both Deputies expressed themselves as being satisfied with this amendment and said it would meet their wishes. The vocational education committee will be enabled, under an order made by the Minister for Education, to appoint officers of their own to give instruction in horticulture and poultry-keeping and so on, or alternatively to make arrangements with the county committee of agriculture to borrow certain of its officers, or get part-time the services of some of its officers. It is the latter arrangement that the two committees wanted, and they are satisfied that the Bill, with the proposed amendment, meets their wishes.

Can the Minister say if there will be any intervening period, during which the services available at present—whether properly available or not—will be taken from people in the towns and cities?

Dr. Ryan

The Minister for Education has given an undertaking that he will issue an order as soon as this Bill is passed enabling vocational education committees to make arrangements.

I take it that as a general principle, from now on no officer of a county committee of agriculture will be allowed to do any work in an urban area or in cities?

Dr. Ryan

Unless by arrangement.

It can be arranged?

Dr. Ryan


Amendment agreed to.
Question—"That the Agriculture (Amendment) Bill, 1934, as amended, be received for final consideration"— put and agreed to.
Question—"That the Bill do now pass"—put and agreed to.