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Dáil Éireann debate -
Wednesday, 1 Aug 1934

Vol. 53 No. 15

In Committee on Finance. - Dairy Produce (Amendment) Bill, 1934—Committee and Final Stages.

Bill put through Committee and reported without amendment.

Dr. Ryan

If there is no objection, I should like to have the Report Stage taken now.


Question proposed: "That the Bill be received for final consideration."

On the last day on which we were discussing this Bill, in the absence of the Minister for Agriculture, I asked the Minister in charge of the Bill to tell us how many creameries were outside the scope of the Creamery Act. The principal intention of this Bill, I understand, is to deal with such creameries. He gave me to understand there were creameries from which he was unable to collect the levy, and that was the principal reason for the introduction of the Bill. I asked him on that occasion for certain information which I thought would be forthcoming on this occasion. Several Bills have been rushed through here to-day, and it would take a superman to understand the whole of them. We had Bills passed here to-day which it would take an ordinary man a month to understand. I want to ask the Minister a question in regard to Section 3 of this Bill.

I think the Deputy is confusing Section 3 of this Bill with Section 3 of the Creamery (Amendment) Bill.

They both have the same section.

Section 3, I understand, was an experiment. I had not any great objection to that except in so far as it would not give a fair idea as to whether or not it would be economic to establish a creamery in a particular district. I was also informed that this travelling creamery would cost more than the ordinary creamery. There is a section here which deals with the placing of a notice on the door of any creamery——

Dr. Ryan

That is in the other Bill.

I have confused the two Bills. There is a Creamery Bill and a Dairy Produce Bill. I do not know why all the creamery business should not be dealt with in one Bill. Except one were to spend all day in the study of them, one would not know what these Bills were dealing with. The Minister was absent on the last occasion, and I asked for some information from the Minister for Defence, which information was not forthcoming. I do not think that these Bills should be rushed through the House. We should hear a little more about them.

Question put and agreed to.
Agreed to take the Fifth Stage now.
Question: "That the Bill do now pass," put and agreed to.