Business of Dáil.

The business to-day will be taken as on the Order Paper from 7 to 10 inclusive, then 12, then Estimates Nos. 63 and 64. Numbers 4 and 5 will be taken in their appropriate places. Public business will not be interrupted at 9 p.m. for the taking of private Deputies' business. The Dail will meet to-morrow at 5 p.m.

In the event of Estimates numbers 63 and 64 being disposed of before 10.30, are we to take it that progress will be reported?

Are we to understand that there is going to be a hiatus in the discussion on the Vote for the Department of Justice?

Is there any special reason for that?

It is desired to take the business in the order I have stated.

I decline to be drawn into an acrimonious cross-chat with the Minister, but it is quite contrary to the usual practice to stop the discussion on one Estimate and to take up two other Estimates. I will merely inquire if there is any grave reason for that procedure.

I do not desire to establish the precedent of giving explanations for the reasons why the Government order business in a particular sequence.

May I submit that the impertinent presumption has grown up on the Government Benches that the Government orders business. The time has come, I respectfully submit, when the Chair should tell Ministers that, as usual, they are grossly out of order. The House, under your chairmanship, Sir, orders business, but the Government is free to move that business be taken in a certain way.

Ordered: That Public Business be not interrupted at 9 p.m. for Private Deputies' Business.