Ceisteanna—Questions. Oral Answers. - Irish Girls in Great Britain.

asked the Minister for Industry and Commerce whether he is aware of the destitute and helpless condition in which numbers of young Irish girls arrive in Great Britain in search of employment, and whether he will introduce proposals for legislation to control such emigration.

I am not aware that it is a common occurrence for young Irish girls to arrive in Great Britain in search of employment in the condition stated by the Deputy. Even if the facts were as the Deputy suggests, I am not satisfied that legislation designed to control emigration would afford an effective method of dealing with the problem.

May I ask the Minister if his attention has been directed to the proceedings of the Liverpool Society for the Prevention of International Traffic in Women and Children, who held a meeting a week ago, and the statement contained in the report of the secretary of that Society that was read on that occasion? If his attention has not been directed to that meeting, would he look into the statements that were made there, and would he consider the desirability of imposing on the transportation companies, the shipping and railway companies, carrying passengers to England, obligations in respect of young persons taking tickets for England somewhat similar to those imposed by the United States of America upon transportation companies bringing people into the United States?

These are, I think, separate questions.

Is the Minister aware that the majority of these unfortunate girls come from the agricultural districts and will he consider the initiation of proposals to put an end to the circumstances which compel them to emigrate?