Ceisteanna—Questions. Oral Answers. - Labour Conventions Ratification.

asked the Minister for Industry and Commerce whether he will state when it is proposed to ratify the International Labour Conventions concerning hours of work in industry, childbirth, the placing of seamen, white lead, workmen's compensation, night work in bakeries, sickness insurance, hours of work in commerce and offices, hours of work in coal mines, the protection of dockers against accidents, minimum age in non-industrial employment, fee-charging employment agencies, old-age insurance, invalidity insurance and survivors' insurance.

I have to refer the Deputy to a reply given to a similar question on the 30th July. As soon as the Night Work (Bakeries) Act, 1936, is brought into operation, the necessary steps towards ratification of the Night Work (Bakeries) Convention will be proceeded with.

The provisions of the convention concerning hours of work in commerce and offices are being considered in so far as shops are concerned, in connection with the proposed shop hours legislation.

Does the Minister propose to take any action to ratify the remaining convention?

I refer the Deputy to the reply I gave last July.

That reply was just as uninformative as the Minister's reply indication as to whether he proposes to ratify the other convention?

I prefer to refer the Deputy to my earlier reply.