Ceisteanna—Questions. Oral Answers. - Imported Seed Wheat.

asked the Minister for Agriculture if, on account of the partial failure of the wheat crop, he will arrange for the importation of suitable grain for the sowing of next year's crop, and for making it available at a price within the reach of the ordinary farmers who cannot afford to pay a fancy price for imported seed wheat.

Dr. Ryan

There are no grounds for the suggestion in the Deputy's question that the wheat crop has partially failed. I have caused inquiries to be made and I am satisfied that there is no necessity for making special arrangements for the supply of seed wheat for the forthcoming season. The indications are that there will be available through ordinary trade channels adequate supplies of home-grown and imported seed of winter varieties at reasonable prices. As regards seed of spring varieties, while there is no shortage anticipated, the precaution has been taken of arranging with a number of millers for putting aside, as a reserve, a supply of seed of Red Marvel variety from the produce of inspected crops.

Is the Minister aware that the crop of many farmers who sowed home-grown seed last year was a failure?

Has the Minister any information with regard to the yield per acre of spring wheat this year?

Dr. Ryan

Not yet.