Private Deputies' Business. - Business of Dáil.

With regard to the motion in the names of Deputies Bennett and Reidy—No. 21 on the Order Paper—I should like to point out that since that motion was put down on the Order Paper a Bill was introduced to amend the Land Act of 1933, and presumably the recommendations in the motion have either been included in the Land Act of 1936 by the action of the House or they have been rejected. I think that is a question for decision by the Chair before discussing the motion.

Whether or not the subject matter of this motion was decided in the debate on the Land Bill the Chair could not say without consulting the Debates.

I should like to know, Sir, if the leave of the House was given to Deputy Anthony to withdraw his motion.

No objection was raised at the time.

I respectfully suggest that something could be said on that.

I suggest that the Ceann Comhairle gave full and ample opportunity for any objection to have been raised. He asked Deputy Anthony if he were withdrawing his motion and Deputy Anthony said he was withdrawing it. No objection was raised by any member of the House.

With regard to the question raised by the Minister for Finance in reference to the motion in Deputy Bennett's name, it would be difficult for the Chair to decide now whether or not that motion was, in effect, decided on the Bill referred to. In any case, that motion, if in order, will be the next private business. I suggest, however, that the Deputy might move the Adjournment.

Do you mean, Sir, to adjourn my motion?

Yes. The Chair would like to have time to consider the point of order raised.

In connection with Motion No. 19 on the Order Paper, Sir, I think it would be right for us to place on record that we are withdrawing the motion.

Quite so. The Deputies concerned informed the Chair that No. 19 was withdrawn because of the introduction of the Agricultural Wages Bill, on the Second Stage of which the matter of the motion can be discussed. The Deputy might move the Adjournment.

Can we have it from Deputy Bennett what motion we intend to discuss and whether he intends to put it to the House. I think it is a scandalous thing to have to listen to Deputy Anthony discussing a motion which he did not intend to put to the House.

I shall give Deputy Davin or any other Deputy every opportunity of discussing it. I move that the House adjourn, Sir.

The Dáil adjourned at 10.20 p.m. until Wednesday, 11th November, 1936, at 3 p.m.