In Committee on Finance. - Presidential Seal Bill, 1937—Final Stages.

When is it proposed to take the Report Stage?

I wonder would the House give me the remaining stages of the Bill to-day?

We will gladly give the President all stages of this Bill to-day. I desire to take this opportunity of saying that this will be the ninth Act of Parliament that the Government had passed since this Dáil sat two months ago, the House sitting one day each week. We have given the Government those Bills with expedition, nevertheless I have no doubt that its kept Press will howl that the Government are being obstructed.

Which has no bearing on the matter before the House.

The Government's supporters throughout the country will howl that the Government are being held up, that they are being prevented from getting business done and that they are being obstructed. I want to point out that this is the ninth Act of Parliament which has been passed since the House sat two months ago although we sat on only one day each week practically, and that in every case where the legislation is of a routine kind and not of a deeply controversial kind the Government are beholden to all Parties in this House for the accommodation they get. They manage their business with such grotesque incompetence that they seldom are ready to do what they want to do.

Is this in order?

Their gross incompetence, notwithstanding, whenever we can, we come to their aid and help them out of the messes into which they get themselves, and as a result thereof we expedite public business. Now, it was very necessary that that should be said because certain gullible persons who support the Government have been misled into the belief that the Government's embarassments and difficulties arise from opposition from the other sides of the House. With regard to the Seal, and in regard to the other measures brought before the House which are not of a deeply controversial nature, the Government has received the help it is entitled to expect. It will continue to receive that help so long as it remains the incompetent body that it is, but it has got to learn sense, and we hope that it will soon be able to get along by itself, not only with its work but out of government.

Question proposed: "That the Bill be received for final consideration,"— put and agreed to.
Question proposed:—"That the Bill do now pass"—put and agreed to.