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Dáil Éireann debate -
Wednesday, 7 Dec 1938

Vol. 73 No. 9

Tourist Traffic Bill, 1938—First Stage.

Leave granted to introduce a Bill entitled an Act to make further and better provision for the encouragement and development of the tourist traffic, and for that purpose to establish a board having powers of regulation, registration, and control in matters relating to the tourist traffic and, in particular, the accommodation and attractions available for tourists, and to provide for the charging of fees by such board in respect of registers kept by them, and to provide for divers matters ancillary to or connected with the matters aforesaid.—(Minister for Agriculture).
Second Stage fixed for Wednesday, 8th February, 1939.

When will the Bill be circulated?

It is hoped to circulate it about the 1st February. If it is not circulated in time, the Second Stage will not be taken on the day arranged.

The reason I ask when it is likely to be circulated is because members of the Irish Tourist Delevopment Association are anxious to see the measure, if possible, before the end of January.

I do not think it will be ready before the date I mentioned.

What time will elapse before the circulation of the Bill and the taking of the Second Reading?

A fortnight, if the Deputy wishes.

I think it is not fair to be introducing a Bill here a couple of months before members will get it. The impression amongst the public is that it is in front of the members for quite a long period and then we are expected to read and discuss it all in a fortnight. I would like to suggest that Bills should not be introduced here until they are practically ready to be discussed. It is something of a farce to be bringing Bills in here and ask for leave to introduce them months before they are going to be brought up for discussion. These Bills are now being introduced and they will not be circulated for a very considerable time.

It is all good enough to fool the public, Deputy.

There ought to be a reasonable time allowed to allow Deputies to consult various bodies interested, for instance, in the tourist development movement, before the Bill is brought up for Second Reading. That is why I suggest there should be a reasonable period allowed between the date of circulation of Bills and the taking of the Second Reading.

That is quite right.