Ceisteanna—Questions. Oral Answers. - Statistics as to Non-municipal Houses.

asked the Minister for Local Government and Public Health if he will state the number of houses built by boards of health in each county board of health area under the village scheme of non-municipal houses and the rents charged for each scheme; further, if he will state what factors were taken into account by him when sanctioning the rentals to be charged.

Non-municipal schemes have been undertaken in 16 counties, and to compile the information asked for in respect of each such scheme would necessitate a detailed examination of the files in these cases. The current work of the Department is making increasing demands on the time of the staff, and the compilation of the statistics required by the Deputy would not justify the additional labour and expense that would be involved. The principal factors which are taken into account before giving approval to rents proposed to be charged by a local authority are (a) the extent of the accommodation provided, (b) the general circumstances of the proposed tenants and (c) the obligation which rests on the local authority in fixing rents to secure a reasonable return having regard to the circumstances of the locality and the expenditure of the local authority under the Labourers Acts.

Could we have figures for places such as Dublin, Limerick, Cork and Waterford?

I am afraid not, there are so many schemes.

The Minister mentioned that schemes have been undertaken in 16 counties, but I am more interested in the schemes around the cities. Could I get information in that connection? The Minister stated that compiling that information would take up all the time of the staff, that there would be trouble in having the figures compiled. I am asking for information, at least with regard to Dublin, Limerick, Cork and Waterford.

The Deputy has not asked for that information in his question.

If the Deputy puts down a specific question he may get the information in relation to the urban areas he has mentioned.