Ceisteanna—Questions. Oral Answers. - Treatment of Tuberculosis.

asked the Minister for Local Government and Public Health if he is aware that there is a waiting list of applicants for admission to hospitals and sanatoria treating tuberculosis cases, and if he will cause an inquiry into the delay in the provision of suitable accommodation for these sufferers; also if he will see that immediate temporary accommodation is made available pending the erection of suitable buildings.

I am aware that increased institutional accommodation is required for the treatment of persons suffering from tuberculosis. Everything possible is being done to alleviate the position. I would refer the Deputy to the reply to his question on the 13th instant.

Mr. Byrne

Will the Parliamentary Secretary consider the advisability of providing temporary accommodation by the purchase of some of the empty mansions on the outskirts of the City of Dublin, so that tuberculosis patients can be given the treatment they urgently require?

The Minister will consider any possible solution.

Mr. Byrne

I am putting forward a solution. Would the Parliamentary Secretary consider purchasing some of the empty mansions in the city and county areas and turning them into temporary sanatoria, so as to enable the treatment necessary for people now suffering from tuberculosis and at present awaiting beds to be provided?

I cannot give the Deputy any undertaking in that regard.

Mr. Byrne

Will the Parliamentary Secretary consider the matter?

Every possible solution will be considered.

Mr. Byrne

I am giving him a solution now.

The Deputy's proposed solution might not be a suitable one and I do not propose to adopt his suggestion without examination.

Mr. Byrne

It is a suggestion worthy of consideration. Will the Parliamentary Secretary consider it?

I have already informed the Deputy that every possible solution will be considered.

Mr. Byrne

I have put forward a solution which will ease the situation.

In view of the seriousness of this matter, will the Parliamentary Secretary say what steps the Department have taken, if any, in the past few months to try to find extra accommodation?

Leave it to his successor.

The question of providing additional accommodation for patients awaiting admission to sanatoria has already been considered and to meet the additional needs for beds the following extensions of city sanatoria and hospitals have been approved: Rialto Hospital, 61 additional beds; Crooksling Sanatorium, 28 additional beds——

Mr. Byrne

Not enough.

Might I be permitted to continue? Peamount Sanatorium, 44 additional beds——

Mr. Byrne

Still not enough.

If the Deputy desires an answer to his question, he must refrain from interruption.

The Deputy does not want an answer to his question. He wants to make a bit of political propaganda.

Mr. Byrne

I say that it is not enough.

Next question.

Mr. Byrne

All the medical experts of this city——

The Deputy will resume his seat.

Mr. Byrne

The medical experts of the city say that there are not enough beds for tuberculosis patients.

The Deputy should not persist in disorder.

Mr. Byrne

There are people in the city suffering from tuberculosis who cannot get beds and the Parliamentary Secretary knows it.

Question No. 14.