Ceisteanna—Questions. Oral Answers. - Turbary Plots for Tenants.

asked the Minister for Lands if he will state what steps, if any, he has taken to provide turbary plots for the tenants on the Peyton estate, Mountdaisy, Castlebar, County Mayo; and also if those tenants will be accommodated at an early date so that they may be in a position to provide fuel in current season.

Following the Deputy's question last February, the Land Commission have made local inquiries into this matter. They have no turbary immediately available for distribution in this area, but they are exploring the possibility of acquiring some convenient bog for development and division. If such bog can be acquired, the needs of the Mountdaisy tenants will be considered, but the Deputy will appreciate that the regular acquisition procedure must first be followed by the Land Commission.

Am I to understand from the Minister that the Land Commission have no suitable turbary on hands within a reasonable distance of Mountdaisy?

Yes. The Land Commission have not sufficient turbary, but are trying to acquire some for distribution.

Can the Minister say when the acquisition will be completed, and whether these tenants will be in a position to have turbary plots available for this year's crop?

I do not think it will be possible to make an allocation of turbary this year.

Not, I suppose, until immediately before the next general election.

Which may not be so far away.