Appointment of Members of Government and Parliamentary Secretaries.

With your permission, a Chinn Comhairle, I should like, for the information of the House, to refer to certain matters at this stage.

I informed the President that Dáil Éireann had approved of my nomination of the members of the Government and he appointed them accordingly on the 18th instant. On the same day I nominated Deputy William Norton to be Tánaiste. On the same day I assigned the Departments of State to the members of the Government as follows:—

Department of Social Welfare, William Norton;

Department of Education, Richard Mulcahy;

Department of External Affairs, Seán MacBride;

Department of Lands, Joseph Blowick;

Department of Posts and Telegraphs, James Everett;

Department of Agriculture, James M. Dillon;

Department of Finance, Patrick McGilligan;

Department of Justice, Seán MacEoin;

Department of Defence, Thomas F. O'Higgins;

Department of Industry and Commerce, Daniel Morrissey;

Department of Local Government, Timothy Joseph Murphy;

Department of Health, Noel C. Browne.

On the 24th instant the Government, on my nomination, appointed the following members of the Oireachtas to be Parliamentary Secretaries to the Ministers which I will mention:—

Deputy Liam Cosgrave to be Parliamentary Secretary to the Taoiseach and to the Minister for Industry and Commerce;

Deputy Brendan Corish to be Parliamentary Secretary to the Minister for Local Government;

Deputy Michael Donnellan to be Parliamentary Secretary to the Minister for Finance.