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Dáil Éireann debate -
Thursday, 13 Jul 1950

Vol. 122 No. 9

Ceisteanna—Questions. Oral Answers. - Land Acquisition and Division.

asked the Minister for Lands if he will state in respect of the lands of Mr. Edward Corcoran at Aughatubrid, County Leix, Record No. D/H3, and at Knockbaun, County Leix, Record No. D/H3a (a) when these lands were acquired by the Land Commission; (b) to whom they have been let; (c) the nature of the letting; (d) what stage has been reached in the preparation of a scheme for division; and (e) when a scheme for division is likely to be put into operation.

The answer is: (a) 17th August, 1931; (b)Mr. Keating; (c) grazing; (d) and (e) a scheme for division was sanctioned but the approved applicants refused to accept the parcels. In the circumstances it is not at present possible to state when the lands will be allotted.

Do I understand the Minister's reply to be that since the year 1931 these lands have been let by the Land Commission to a gentleman named Mr. Keating, and that, although 19 years have passed, no scheme for division has been put into operation?

No, I did not say that. A scheme for division was sanctioned but the approved applicants refused to take the parcels from the Land Commission when offered them.

Is the Minister aware that the person who had conacre from the Land Commission has himself subdivided the land into two holdings and has made two grazing lettings of the land? Does the Minister consider that that is in accordance with the policy of the Government with regard to general conacre lettings?

My information is that such is not the case. A person who gets a grazing letting from the Land Commission of lands which are temporarily in their hands has no authority to sublet.

That is what I should imagine but I am informing the Minister.

In view of what the Deputy says, I will have it examined to see if this Mr. Keating has outstepped the terms of his agreement.

asked the Minister for Lands if he will state in respect of the Cosby Estate, County Leix, Record No. S.5460, lands of Kilvalley, (a) when acquisition proceedings were concluded; (b) when purchase agreements with the tenants were entered into; and (c) when vesting of the holdings in the tenants is likely to take place.

(a) 1936; (b) 1936 and 1939; (c) half the allotments have already been vested and the vesting of the outstanding cases will be considered in due course.

Once again, this is a case in which the lands were allotted to the tenants 14 years ago and still, in some cases, vesting has not yet taken place. I suggest that the matter should be expedited.

The Forestry Department is interested in some of them, in at least eight of the outstanding 11 cases.

asked the Minister for Lands if the Land Commission have consented to the subdivision and sale of the lands formerly owned by Mr. Stephens in the to townland of Patch, Fiddane, Kilkerrin, Ballinasloe, County Galway, which have been non-residential for the past four years; and, if so, on what grounds, in view of the fact that there is much congestion in this locality.

The Land Commission cannot identify any holding of Mr. Stephens in the townland of Patch.

This is a holding of 103 acres and it is rumoured that it is being sold for about £2,200. My idea was to bring it to the notice of the Minister in connection with the relief of congestion.

Would the Deputy say who the owner is? There is no Mr. Stephens.

It was formerly owned by Mr. Stephens. It is now owned by Mrs. Barry or Mrs. Blake, both of whom are ex-national teachers.