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Dáil Éireann debate -
Thursday, 16 Nov 1950

Vol. 123 No. 6

Ceisteanna—Questions. Oral Answers. - Youghal Bridge.

asked the Minister for Local Government (i) if he is now in a position to state the exact site of the proposed new bridge over the River Blackwater at Youghal, and (ii) what period of time has been given to the contractors at present carrying out the borings to complete the survey.

I would refer the Deputy to the provisions of sub-section (1) of Section 46 of the Local Government Act, 1946, which include among the matters to be examined in connection with the preparation of the preliminary report the question of the best situation for the new bridge. It will not be possible to state the exact site of the proposed new bridge until the preliminary report has been prepared by the Cork County Council and furnished to me and a decision has been reached on the application for a bridge Order following the holding of a local inquiry.

I understand that the contract for the trial borings fixes a period of three months from the date on which the contractor was authorised to commence and that the work was begun on 10th September, 1950. There is provision in the contract for a further period not exceeding three months in certain circumstances and the council have power to extend further the period for completion on the certificate of the consulting engineer.

Is the Parliamentary Secretary in a position to give an undertaking that the new construction will be on or beside the old bridge and thus allay local uneasiness in this matter?

It would be rather premature to say where the site of the new bridge will be, but the matter will be considered and the viewpoint of the local authorities concerned will be very fully considered when that matter and other technical engineering questions are discussed at the local inquiry.

Do I take it that a local inquiry will be held and that the views of the local people will be ascertained before anything is done as regards the erection of a new bridge?

The selection of the site will be an important point in the inquiry and the viewpoint of the local people, through the local authorities, will be adequately considered.

Thank you very much.

How long will it take?

As the Deputy is probably aware, the preliminary work and inquiries take quite a long time. At present, as far as Youghal Bridge is concerned, trial borings are being carried out in an effort to clear up certain technical questions. Incidentally, with regard to the site, when the borings have been completed, the local inquiry will be held and then, after consideration by the Minister, the bridge Order will be made.