Ceisteanna—Questions. Oral Answers. - Industries for Western Counties.

asked the Minister for Industry and Commerce whether, in view of the failure of private enterprise to establish suitable industries in the five counties of Connaught and also in Donegal, Clare and Kerry, he is prepared to place the necessary financial assistance at the disposal of the Industrial Development Authority for the purpose of undertaking the work of industrial development in those areas.

It is the intention of the Government so far as possible to stimulate by special means the industrialisation and general economic advancement of underdeveloped areas such as those referred to by the Deputy. Practical ways of translating this intention into effective action are under consideration at the moment.

Arising out of the Minister's reply, which I consider to be very vague, does he agree that up to the present private enterprise has failed in connection with industrial development in the West?

I agree that some special inducement or facilities would be required.

Would the Minister state whether or not the Government are prepared to step in and themselves give assistance to those willing to carry out industrial development?

We are considering measures to provide the necessary stimulus, and if proposals for legislation are required in that connection I hope that they will be available for the consideration of the Dáil when it reassembles after the recess.

Do the Government want an alginate fibre factory in Kilkerrin and a bone meal factory in Ballinasloe? Do they?

I have nothing to add to the reply already given.

I thought you would not.

Could the Minister indicate what the special means are?

When I say that these matters are under consideration that is what I have in mind.

Would the Minister consider the possibility of erecting and equipping factories which could then be leased to private interests or local businessmen?

Every idea will be considered.

Arising out of the Minister's reply——

Question No. 6.