Order of Business.

May I make an inquiry before the Order of Business regarding a question, No. 91, which I addressed to the Minister for Agriculture? Not infrequently questions to the Minister for Agriculture owing to their position on the Order Paper are not reached. May we assume that when questions to the Minister for Agriculture are not reached to-day they will move up on the Order Paper to-morrow?

Yes, they will be ahead of other questions.

It is proposed to take the following Estimates: Health, Lands, Justice, Education and Industry and Commerce. They will be taken as on the Order Paper, except External Affairs.

I understood that Nos. 5 and 4 were ordered.

Oh yes, No. 5.

No. 5 comes before the Estimates?

Would the Tánaiste please indicate when it is proposed to take No. 2 on the Order Paper?

We are prepared to allocate say an hour for it on Tuesday next.

I suggest to the Tánaiste that at least three hours should be made available and that in accordance with the views expressed by the Minister for Justice when he spoke on a similar proposal by the late John Marcus O'Sullivan there should be no undue delay in considering this matter and that time should be made available either to-day or to-morrow. I do not want to press the Tánaiste at once; I do want to make it clear that I hold strongly that time should be made available before we adjourn this week.

I think that it would be inconvenient to take it before Tuesday. With regard to time I will split the difference with the Deputy and say two hours.

That is a matter on which the Tánaiste will allow room for opinion.

One and a half hours would be splitting the difference.

I have indicated my intention of raising Question No. 39 regarding the appointment of Miss O'Connell on the Adjournment to-night. I should like if Question No. 43 could be raised either by myself or by Deputy Davin in my absence to-morrow night on the Adjournment so as to give the Minister time to look up the files.

I will consider the question the Deputy has asked to raise to-night and the Deputy can ask a similar question to-morrow.

This attempt to preempt time is intolerable.