Milk (Regulation of Supply and Price) (Amendment) Bill, 1952—Order for Second Reading Discharged.

Perhaps the House would permit me to intervene at this moment to clear up a point about the Order of Business as announced to-day. The matter is in connection with Item No. 2 on to-day's Order Paper—the Milk Bill. The Minister for Agriculture stated, when the Order of Business was being announced, that it was-proposed to take the Bill next week. What I want to mention to the House is that an arrangement had already been made with the various Parties to have that Bill taken to-morrow. It was a mistake on the part of the Minister for Agriculture to ask to have the Bill taken next week.

Is this customary?

I am sorry if I interrupted the Deputy. I thought it better to have the point cleared up now, and I intervened because I was under the impression that Deputy MacEoin had concluded.

The Chair understood that Deputy MacEoin had finished.

Is the House agreeable to discharge the Order in regard to Item No. 2 on to-day's Order Paper and have it put down for to-morrow? Is that agreed?

Is it customary to do that?

It has been done.

Order in regard to Item No. 2 discharged, the Bill to be taken to-morrow.