Ceisteanna—Questions. Oral Answers. - Customs Clearance of Parcels.

asked the Minister for Posts and Telegraphs if he will arrange for discussions between the United Kingdom and this country to facilitate the clearance of parcels which are often held up in the Irish customs as a result of the lack of co-operation by postal officials in the United Kingdom.

As I am not aware that delay in the clearance of parcels in the Irish customs is occurring because of lack of co-operation by postal officials in the United Kingdom, I have no grounds for making an approach to the British Postal authorities in this matter.

If the Deputy will let me have details of any particular instances of delay which he has in mind, I shall be glad to have the circumstances investigated.

I should like to say that I have been informed by quite a few people that when sending parcels to Ireland they had been informed by the British authorities on the other side that it is unnecessary to declare them. When the parcels arrive here they are held up by the Customs and that would seem to indicate that there is no co-operation whatsoever between the two authorities.

We have received no complaints whatever and have not heard of any happenings that would suggest lack of co-operation between the two authorities which would result in such delays. It is difficult to visualise how such a difficulty could arise in view of the circumstances. There is an onus on the sender to comply with the customs regulations.

The Minister should indicate to the British postal authorities that it is necessary for parcels to be declared. If they are declared on the other side they will not be held up here. The position is that people on the other side are told it is unnecessary to declare them. An exchange of views between the two authorities should clear the matter up.

I suggest that a case has not arisen for the making of such an approach, since no definite complaint has been received.

A complaint arose in the last fortnight in my constituency.