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Dáil Éireann debate -
Thursday, 29 Nov 1956

Vol. 160 No. 12

Animal Remedies Bill, 1956—from the Seanad.

These are amendments inserted in the Bill at the instance of the Seanad.

I think it is desirable to establish—indeed it was a practice—that when amendments come from the Seanad to the Dáil a day is fixed for taking them. I think we are drifting into wrong practices.

There is no urgency about this matter. If it inconveniences the Opposition in any way we can fix a date for them.

What is often done as a matter of courtesy to the Government is becoming an accepted practice. There can be occasions when these amendments require consideration.

I do not care a fiddle-de-dee. All I want to do is to prevent the sale of fraudulent remedies and the sooner I get that done the better.

That remark is typical of the Minister.

Let us fix a day.

I suggest to-day.

The practice should be that the Government announces its attitude to the amendments and then a day is fixed. I suggest next Wednesday.

Ordered: That the amendments be taken on Wednesday, 5th December, 1956.