Order of Business.

It is proposed to take business as on the Order Paper, No. 3. I understand that agreement has been reached between the Whips that the debate on the Second Stage of the Third Amendment of the Constitution Bill, 1958, will conclude at 10.30 to-night and that the Taoiseach will be called upon to reply at 9 p.m. Incidentally, it is proposed that the Dáil adjourn until 3 p.m. on Wednesday, 7th January, 1959.

Will the Minister say what is the resumption date?

January 7th.

Is it proposed when the remaining stages of the Third Amendment of the Constitution Bill have been disposed of, to have an adjournment or to sit right through?

On that question, I am not able to say what will happen.

It is clear that all stages of that Bill will be proceeded with from 7th January onwards— every stage?

And the House will sit regularly and continuously without its customary gap to dispose of it?

I shall not commit myself to a sweeping statement like that.

The Minister is a bit worm-eaten to-day.

Is it also intended to dispose of the Referendum Bill from the 7th onwards?

I hope so—yes.

The Minister does not seem to know what is going to happen at all.