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Dáil Éireann debate -
Tuesday, 21 Apr 1959

Vol. 174 No. 5

Ceisteanna—Questions. Oral Answers. - Sale of Irish Whiskey in New York.


asked the Minister for Industry and Commerce if he is aware that Irish whiskey is neither displayed nor available for sale in the waiting room in Idlewild Airport, New York, where Aerlinte passengers must congregate, even though other liquors are there displayed and available; and that Irish whiskey was not available in the same manner as Scotch whiskey at the Aerlinte reception in New York on the 18th March last; whether he has received any complaints in regard to these matters; and whether he has sought or proposes to seek information from Aerlinte in regard to them.

The display and sale of liquor in the waiting room used by Aerlinte Éireann in Idlewild Airport, New York, is under the control of catering concessionaires and not of Aerlinte.

Following a complaint received by Córas Tráchtála Teo. in February, 1959, Córas Tráchtála arranged that the question of display and sale of Irish whiskey would be taken up with the catering concessionaires at the airport. I am informed that as a result of that approach Irish whiskey is now on display and on sale in the public bars at the airport.

Irish whiskey was freely available at the reception on the occasion of the opening of the Aerlinte office in New York on 18th March, 1959.

Apart from the complaint made to Córas Tráchtála, Teo., to which I have referred, I have received no complaints in regard to these matters.

Is the Minister aware that an item was published in a national newspaper here on 19th March last stating that although many a bottle was opened at the bar, it was noted that only one bottle of Irish whiskey was there and that the rest appeared to have been bottled in Scotland?

I am informed that that report is completely incorrect. I am prepared to give the Deputy, in private, certain statistics.

Does that imply that the Minister can give personal evidence?

No, not personal evidence.

Does the Minister accept that it is the duty of every State company to ensure so far as possible that at all functions Irish whiskey rather than any other whiskey is used?

I would agree fully.

And that it is a fair age?

Not too young.