Committee on Finance. - Health Authorities Bill, 1959—Money Resolution.

I move:

That it is expedient to authorise such payments out of moneys provided by the Oireachtas as are necessary to give effect to any Act of the present session to provide for the establishment of the Dublin Health Authority, the Cork Health Authority, the Limerick Health Authority and the Waterford Health Authority, to provide, with respect to the general duty to provide treatment, maintenance, advice and services which is imposed on mental hospital authorities by Part IV of the Mental Treatment Act, 1945, for that duty becoming the duty of health authorities, to amend and extend certain enactments and to provide for matters connected with the matters aforesaid.

The purpose of the Resolution is to conform to the Standing Order of the Dáil. It is not anticipated that there will be any increased expenditure under the Bill.

Of course, there will not be objection to the Money Resolution, but I think it is well to remind the House and the Minister that the Bill was introduced here with an explanatory memorandum which outlined the primary object of the Bill as being to provide a more efficient and more economical administration of the health services. It does seem strange that, with such an object being put for the Bill, a Money Resolution should be needed.

Is the fact that it is felt that the operation of this Bill, if it becomes an Act, will be to increase the cost of the health services? If so, it can be understood why a Money Resolution is needed. If that is not so, then, what is the purpose of asking this House to vote money for the operation of the services envisaged in the Bill?

I did not expect that my predecessor would have raised that point on a Bill of this nature, for the simple reason that the Bill does contain the usual charging section— Section 25—which states that the expenses incurred by the Minister in the administration of the Bill shall, to such extent as may be sanctioned by the Minister for Finance, be paid out of moneys provided by the Oireachtas. That makes it necessary, in order to conform to Standing Order 115 (2), to have a Money Resolution before we take the Committee Stage of the Bill.

I take it that the Money Resolution is a matter of form, that there is not going to be any extra charge?

No. My anticipation is that, so far from there being extra charges, we will effect economies.

That is the purpose of the Bill.

I cannot speak for my successors, if we have any.

Question put and agreed to.
Resolution reported and agreed to.