Order of Business.

It is proposed to take business in the following order: No. 1 and then No. 6 (Votes 8, 9, 10, and 49).

Could the Taoiseach indicate when it is likely that No. 47 will be taken? It was ordered for to-day and then suddenly changed.

It was changed at the request of the Whips of the principal Opposition Party. It will be the next Estimate taken although there may be some legislation in between the Estimates for Posts and Telegraphs and Industry and Commerce.

After Posts and Telegraphs?

It will be the next Estimate after Posts and Telegraphs but there may be some legislation in between the two.

I think it is only fair to add that it was changed because of invitations to a formal reception for important visitors.

It will be taken, I think, probably to-morrow or Thursday.

I suggested some time ago that the Government would circulate what their requirements were for the present session so that we might get some picture of the situation. I do not know whether the Taoiseach is yet able to do so but it would be desirable to do so as soon as possible.

I shall consider the possibility of letting you have a provisional list provided I am not bound to it.

We know the Government is not bound to anything. The Taoiseach need not add that.

Certainly, the Minister for Finance is not bound to anything but I thought the Taoiseach was.