Local Government Bill, 1960—First Stage.

Leave granted to introduce a Bill entitled an Act to enable the corporation of a county borough to provide, or assist the provision of, a concert hall, theatre or opera house.—(Minister for Local Government).

When is it proposed to take the next stage?

Tuesday next, 12th July, 1960.

That is a formal motion, I take it?

More or less.

The Minister does not mean to take it on Tuesday next?

When will the Bill be circulated?

This afternoon.

Is it a Bill of substance?

I mentioned it is necessary that this Bill should pass this session. It is a Bill to empower the local authority to give financial assistance in respect of the Cork Opera House. I referred to it as the Cork Opera House Bill.

The Taoiseach will understand that we should like to see the Bill.

When the Taoiseach says "local authority" does he mean the local authority or the county borough?

The county borough.