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Dáil Éireann debate -
Wednesday, 22 Feb 1961

Vol. 186 No. 5

Ceisteanna—Questions. Oral Answers. - Reclamation of Sportsfields.


asked the Minister for Agriculture if a sportsfield can be reclaimed under the Land Rehabilitation Scheme; if so, under what circumstances; and whether a grant can be paid to a person who is not the owner of the land reclaimed.

It depends on the circumstances of individual cases, including the extent to which the lands are to be used for agricultural purposes and the cost of the necessary reclamation.

Land Project grants are normally payable to the occupier.

May I ask the Minister whether, having regard to the fact that it has happened in his Department, he now proposes to receive applications from G.A.A. committees, football and hurling committees and others, who have sportsfields in need of reclamation and piping and, in the event of such applications being received by him, he will now sanction grants under the Land Rehabilitation Scheme for that purpose?

We have, indeed, received these applications down the years but they are not always in regard to the same sort of case. For example, some sportsfields are used only occasionally as such; some sportsfields have agricultural land attached to them that is not used for sports purposes; and there are sportsfields that are used exclusively for sports. The decision on the application has to have regard to all these considerations and also to the cost.

Having regard to the statement the Minister has now made, may I take it that it is possible for trustees of all sportsfields to submit applications and that they will be considered on merit for grants under the Land Reclamation Scheme?

Not only is it possible but it has been the practice down through the years.

Whom does the Minister pay?

That is an entirely different question.

I have asked the Minister whether a grant can be paid to a person who is not the owner of the reclaimed land.

He has to be the authorised occupier in such cases.

I see; but he need not be the owner?

Obviously. If he had to be the sole owner, the grant could not be paid at all.