Written Answers. - Acquisition and Division of Land in Limerick.


andMr. Clohessy asked the Minister for Lands if he will state the present position with regard to the acquisition and division of land in Limerick by the Land Commission.

In Co. Limerick, the Land Commission have at present under investigation, with a view to considering the initiation of acquisition proceedings, an aggregate area of 620 acres comprised in five estates.

Compulsory acquisition proceedings have been instituted in respect of two properties totalling 326 acres and negotiations are in progress for voluntary purchase of a further area of 83 acres.

The area of land in the possession of the Land Commission—in Co. Limerick, as elsewhere—is subject to constant fluctuation but the arable lands at present on hands, apart from turbary and small residues of allotted estates, comprise approximately 1,700 acres. Every effort is being made to expedite the disposal of these lands.

During the year ended 31st March last, the aggregate area distributed by the Land Commission in Co. Limerick amongst 63 allottees was 765 acres.