Nomination of Members of Government. - Business of Dáil.

I am proposing that the Dáil adjourn until 15th November, 1961. I do not contemplate that on the 15th November we shall have more than a one day meeting because one of the main purposes of that meeting will be to enable Bills to be introduced for consideration at subsequent sittings of the Dáil. There are a few Bills I should like to get leave to introduce now, so that they can be circulated and ready for discussion on 15th November. There is an Agricultural Produce (Cereals) Bill, 1961 and there is a Coroners Bill which has nothing to do with the general election.

Post mortems.

Then there is a Garda Síochána Bill which makes certain amendments in the Garda Síochána Act, and there are two Supplementary Estimates. Perhaps the House would agree to give leave to introduce these?

We have no objection to that course. I should like to ask the Taoiseach a question in that regard. We had the experience, the Taoiseach will remember, last year of a number of Bills of a pretty complex character coinciding with the financial business in the Spring, with the result that we were at the end of the session disposing of legislation very late. I trust that the Government will be able to arrange that the discussion of legislation can be undertaken at a time other than that at which we are disposing of the financial business; otherwise, we will be in the same jam.

The Deputy is aware that we had a fairly general clearance of the legislative decks before the dissolution in the Summer. While there will be Bills for introduction on 15th November, 1961, some of them may be of a character that the House would prefer to have them carried over, so far as Committee Stage examination is concerned, until after the Christmas Recess but we can consider that. I shall endeavour to arrange that as much legislation as possible will be available to be disposed of by the Dáil before we get down to financial business.

Do the Government propose to meet weekly after the 15th November—between then and Christmas, I mean?

I think that in view of all the circumstances I have referred to and the volume of legislation enacted during the Summer, the amount of business before Christmas will not be considerable.